August 23-September 22



Ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: The Virgin


Keywords: Modest, Hardworking, Health, Fastidiousness, Analysis, Skeptical, Perfectionism






Virgo Personality


Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac.  Without a doubt, Virgo has the biggest productive work ethic of all 12 signs.  It ties into their self-confidence, and what they hold in esteem, as a way to define themselves.  These individuals give it their all, without expecting any fanfare or recognition at the end. Highly intelligent, with supreme analytical skills, a Virgo can step into any situation, assess and dissect, then

take what they need for their next move.  They do not like to waste their time on superficial devices. They are an efficient, pragmatic people, who take precision in action as seriously as their  (and your) hygiene. Thankfully, Virgo is there to make sure all the little details are correct; their sharp eyes that never miss a thing will save the day time and time again.  Modest in their abilities, but skilled just the same, the Virgo will never let you down in any area of life because they truly give you their all.  You can always count on them for solid advice, as well as healthy follow through. Speaking of health, Virgos are also known for their clean eating and healthy attitude towards food, nutrition, and exercise.  Do you need someone to help you stick to your diet? Call a Virgo, because they will make it their job to help. Virgos have the where with all to handle everything from basic everyday situations, to a crisis.


Virgo Physical Traits


No matter what the genetic makeup of a Virgo is, their physical appearance will project an air of fastidiousness. Their clothing will be carefully tucked in, without stains, and they will always take care of their hygiene.  The digestive system and intestines are governed by the sign of Virgo.


Virgo Love Style


A Virgo man or woman is a most meticulous lover, anxious to please.

It’s been said that you’d be lucky to have a Virgo as a lover, because they make it their job to make sure they do you, right (if there is anyone who knows how to do a job well, it’s Virgo). In the bedroom, they make it more about you (they prefer to be giving). This sign doesn’t like casual hookups, probably because they don’t know you well enough to discern if you have any STDs, baggage, or partners they don’t know about!








Virgo Shadow


A Virgo can be overly critical of people or hyper sensitive to their surroundings.  If they are giving 100% effort, they expect you to do same, and if they perceive otherwise, then don’t get surprised at the flood of criticism that pours out.  They can turn the dial quickly, and take their admirable work ethic and switch it to a workaholic scenario where they only have time for work and nothing else.  Sometimes their intellect gives them a know-it-all attitude, which is a turn off to those around them.  Or, they can lack emotion and depth when it is humanly needed.

"And everything you get,

ya gotta work hard for it"

-Notorious B.I.G.

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