The 12 Houses in Astrology

1st House/ AS


This is the house of the Ascendant, Rising Sign, self, or how we present ourselves to the world.  The cardinal sign of Aries is what governs this house, with the energies of Mars ruling it.  The Sun’s energies are exalted or highly functioning in this house, which is a powerful boon for development of self. If Venus is placed in this house, its energies are in its detriment here, which means it has difficulties functioning properly.  With Saturn’s energies in this house, they are very debilitated, or in their fall in this placement.


This is the first of the 4 angular or cardinal houses in a chart, which deal with creating and action.  With a planet placed in an angular house, its effects are the strongest, being potent than when placed in a succeedent or cadent house.

2nd House


This is the house of materials, possessions, self worth, what we value.  Taurus is the sign that governs this house, with the energies of Venus ruling it.  With the Moon being placed here, its energies are exalted or highly functioning in this house. With Mars placed in this house, Mars’ energies are in its detriment and cannot function properly.


The 2nd house is a succeedent house, which means any planets that fall into a succeedent house do not have as much dynamic force as those in the angular houses.

3rd House


This is primarily the house of communication but it also deals with transportation, siblings, neighbors, the mind. Gemini is the sign that governs this house, with the energy of Mercury as its ruler.  No planet is necessarily exalted here, but Jupiter’s energies are in their detriment here.


The 3rd house is a cadent house, which means planets placed here are operating at their weakest capacity.

4th House/IC


The IC or Imum Coeli is another angular house.  This is the house that deals with family, home, property, childhood, domestic life.  Cancer is the sign that governs this house, with the energy of the Moon ruling it.  Jupiter is exalted or highly functioning in this house, with Saturn in its detriment, and Mars in its fall here.


5th House


This is the house that deals with children, romance (but not true union), creativity, arts and leisure.  The sign of Leo rules here, with the energy of the Sun permeating it.  Only Saturn is in its detriment in this house.


This is a succeedent house.



6th House


This house focuses primarily on work and health.  Virgo is the sign affiliated with this house, with Mercury ruling.  Jupiter is its detriment here, with Venus in its fall.


This is a cadent house.




7th House House/Descendant


This is the point in an astrology chart directly opposite the Ascendant, and another angular house.  The theme of the 7th house is committed relationships, partnerships, marriage, and it can show the theme or what you need or look for in those types of relationships.  The sign of Libra is associated with this house, and its ruler is Venus. Saturn is exalted in this position, and Mars is in its detriment here, while the Sun is in its fall in this position.




8th House


This is a succeedent house that deals with taxes, sex, death, inheritances, taboo subjects, and rebirth/regeneration.  The sign of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto governs here. Venus is in its detriment located in this house, with the Moon in its fall.  Often, those with planets in this house can have a more serious or darker mentality, colored partly from the energy of Scorpio.





9th House


This house deals with higher learning, voyages of all kinds (both concrete and abstract), long distance travel, philosophy.  Sagittarius is the sign located here, with its ruler Jupiter.  Mercury is in its detriment in this position.


The 9th house is a cadent house.




10th House/MC


This is the last of the angular houses. The MC or Midheaven is the house of status, public prestige, career, success, and ambition. Capricorn is the ruler of this house, with the stern energy of Saturn governing it.  The placement of Mars is exalted in this house, while the Moon is in its detriment, and Jupiter in its fall here.




11th House


This house is about dreams and wishes, friends, and group activities.  Aquarius is the sign ruler, with Uranus as the planet whose energy pervades.  The Sun is in its detriment in this succeedent house.




12th House


The least understood house is the 12th house.  Hidden things, secrets, solitude, drugs, fantasy, confinement (either self imposed or not) are themes of this particular house.  The sign of Pisces and its ruler Neptune oversee the subjects of this house, with Venus exalted here, and Mercury in its detriment.


The 12th house is a cadent house. It should be noted that the nebulous and hazy energy of Pisces/Neptune really dims or make the effects of any planets placed here much less palpable, as though they were submerged in a fog. This is why it can be difficult to grasp the message of this final house.




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