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Example of a Natal Chart

Relationships & Love

Synastry Chart


A synastry chart is a combination of two energies into one chart.  Simply stated, this is a comparison of two people's planets and how they interact with each other.  This is a great way to see the underlying theme of how you and another person relate, or if there are any triggers you should watch out for.  Looking at the synastry between the two of you can answer many questions about someone you are getting to know.


Also, sometimes it helps when you are in an established relationship but having problems, to check out the synastry between the two of you - often times the answer is right there in the chart.


One person's natal info is in the inner circle, and the other person's info is in the outer circle.  The aspect lines are drawn to further show the energies and dynamics.





Composite Chart


A composite chart is a special type of relationship chart.  It is a combination, or composite, of two people's charts to create a brand new chart completely original to the couple.  It is created by taking the midpoint of each person's natal planets and staking out those places as the new planetary placements; hence, the composite chart is born.


There is a new Sun sign and Rising Sign, that defines the relationship, as well as the other typical aspects found in a chart.


The biggest difference between a synastry chart and a composite is that the synastry chart show how you interact with a person, and the composite speaks to the actual relationship.  Both are incredibly helpful and insightful in terms of understanding  any relationship.





Why do I need an Astrology chart?


A person can uncover much understanding into the hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) characteristics of themselves, as well as gaining better insight into how they and the world around them interact with each other. It can show you specific energies occurring at  distinct points of your life, and how they will possibly effect you.  Once you have this knowledge, conducting yourself in the face of certain circumstances can give you a great advantage in the face of adversity.






Where do I find my birth info?


To create the most accurate astrology chart you can, a precise day, time, and location or reference place is necessary.  If you are curious about your natal chart for example, try looking at your birth certificate to find the needed information.  Most birth certificates will include the most crucial bit of information that is needed for a natal chart – the birth time! And if you do not have that on your certificate, you can get a certified copy of it.  Just follow the special request instructions and ask for your birth time, specifically.







What type of Report do I need?


There are astrology charts for literally almost every aspect of your life that you can think of.  The basic chart that everyone should have is their Natal chart, as this is the most singular and personal chart you may own.  Remember, Natal charts are specific to the individual, and just like fingerprints, no two are the same.


But what if you already have a Natal chart? Maybe you are at a point in your life where you feel that everything is coming at you from all directions at once. Maybe it’s your birthday and you want to know what the next year has in store for you.  Perhaps you or someone you know just had a baby and would like to know more about the child’s personality. What if one day you met the person of your dreams, and you wanted to find out more about them?  Or, you suspect that the love of your life suddenly has someone else besides you on their mind?


Luckily, there is always a chart for that.







Example of a Synastry Chart

Example of a Composite Chart

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