November 22-December 21



Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: The Centaur


Keywords: Honesty, Gregarious, Philosophy, Adventuresome, Independent, Bluntness, Restless






Sagittarius Personality


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. If you are looking for a person who is benevolent and yet savvy at the same time, who is just as comfortable in the boardroom as on a surfboard, you are probably in need of a Sagittarius. These adventure seekers are the nomads of the zodiac, in the physical, intellectual, and spiritual sense.  They love travel on many levels, as they are always on a


quest to find more; more interesting places to see, more fascinating people to meet, more ideas to ruminate over.  They are very open and fair-minded, which is probably why this sign attracts such huge crowds of followers (or friends).  These people are magnetic, but their magnetism is in the form of natural jovial charisma, which people respond positively to.  Indeed, Sagittarians are often the most relaxed, laid back sign of the zodiac, seeming to always be in a good mood.


They are very gregarious; their mind is always working, and because they get around so much, they often know of guy who knows a guy who knows a guy…you get the picture. They are highly philosophical, democratic, and honest; they may have a playful energy to them, but you won’t find them cutting corners or taking short cuts. They enjoy the game, but won’t die by it, and they certainly won’t cut your throat to finish first.


Sagittarius Physical Traits


Sagittarius is associated with the body parts of the hips and thighs. They can be on the tall side, with athletic builds.


Sagittarius Love Style


A Sagittarius man or woman will do their best to please you.  They are open to all sorts of bedroom activities, and expect you to be as open as they are.  If you are interested in a Sagittarius, make sure you are not a clingy or emotional person, because they won’t stand for that.









Sagittarius Shadow


A Sagittarius can easily become restless and bored with the norm, especially if they feel their freedom being infringed upon. They do not like chains or restrictions. Their quests for exploration (of many kinds) can turn into a habitual pattern of running away (from

any and everything), or even promiscuity.  They can also forget themselves and their surroundings with tactless statements.  In their haste they can be careless, and forgo the need to slow down and take stock of the details.  They can sometimes be so overly unemotional and  that they can miss essential human connectivity.

You are always a student, never a master.

You have to keep moving forward.

-Conrad Hall

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