The Main Planets In Astrology

The Personal Planets

The Sun


The Sun is representative of the Self.  In a chart, this is You; vitality, ego, consciousness.  Everything revolves around the Sun; it is the center. When your Sun is placed in Taurus, you exhibit the personality traits of a Taurus; earthy, stubborn, securing your finances with solid money management techniques, perhaps enjoying good quality fabrics over cheap ones.  When your Sun is in Aquarius, you are gregarious, participating in group activities, rebelling against the norm, enjoying a lot of mental pursuits.


In a chart, the Sun can indicate Father, Son, Husband, Authority or major masculine influences.


It is the first of 5 personal planets.




The Moon


The changeable Moon represents our feelings, emotions. subconscious..  In a chart, the Moon shows us how we express this.  Having your Moon in Sagittarius can give you a very optimistic nature; you are never down for too long.  With your Moon in Libra, you are probably more diplomatic in your feelings; balanced.


In a chart, the Moon can show us Mother, Daughter, Wife, or major feminine influences.


This is the 2nd personal planet.






The fast moving planet Mercury shows us our communication style and way of thinking.  When your Mercury is placed in Virgo, for example, you are a highly analytical thinker.  When placed in watery Cancer, perhaps you are more of an emotional communicator and  your thoughts are too attached to the past.


This is the 3rd personal planet.






Venus is associated with love, money, aesthetics.  Where Venus is placed in your chart can show you what your love style is, what you type of beauty you exhibit. For example, if you have Venus in Leo, your appearance is probably regal, flashy, drawing a lot of attention.  When it is in Aries, you may have a very impulsive romantic nature, and spend money as fast as you make it.


This is the 4th personal planet.






Fiery Mars indicates another side of our nature.  How we expend a lot of energy, by doing.  It can show us what we desire, or sex, and anger. Mars in Scorpio can have extremely powerful sex drives. Mars in Gemini individuals may be more driven, but on an intellectual level.


This is the 5th personal planet.




The planets are divided into two categories; the personal planets and the outer planets.  Personal planets move much faster than outer planets, and their effect is one that shapes the various aspects of your personality.




The Outer Planets



Buoyant Jupiter is everyone's favorite, unless you are trying to lose weight.  The energy of Jupiter is filled with good fortune.  It is expansive, and when placed near another planet, has the effect of magnifying the energy.


An example of this is action. is when Jupiter is in trine with Uranus; expect unexpected opportunities to spring up from seemingly nowhere.





Saturn is one of, if not the most, least liked planet out there.  Saturn is considered the stern teacher, forgiving nothing.   Where Saturn is placed in a chart indicates an area where much discipline and hard work is required.


The trick with Saturn is to just accept the lessons being forced on you, and mature.  The more you fight against Saturn, the more painful the outcome.




Uranus is the planet of unexpected events and change.  When it is transiting or activating another planet, expect sudden surprises.   People with Uranus heavy charts can be seen as rebels or liberators, depending.  While a lot of people seem wary about what energy Uranus brings, Uranus can be perfect for shaking things up and getting us out of stagnant situations.



The slow moving outer planets are not like personal planets; their energy effects from an outside standpoint.  They are external forces, not internal ones.






Explosive, forceful transformation  are the best words to describe this planet and its influence.  Pluto brings change whether someone wants it or not, often leaving a path of destruction in its wake.


This is not always terrible, because along with the transforming death experience, the welcomed rebirth or regeneration follows.





Nebulous Neptune is slightly hard to pin down.      It can show a person the need for  a higher level of spirituality/feeling for mankind, but Neptune can also leave you constantly guessing.  Neptune is associated with illusion, fantasy, high ideals, dreams, mystery, drugs.  A lot of drug addicts have afflicted Neptune. aspects.


Neptune's influence in a chart can go either way in a chart.  When transiting a personal planet or chart angle, a lot of people feel confused, uncertain.  This is the Neptune effect.


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