September 23-October 22



Ruler: Venus

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: The Scales


Keywords: Balance, Beauty, Narcissism, Flirtatiousness, Diplomacy, Laziness






Libra Personality


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac.  Amiable, easy going, often with a laissez faire attitude, Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac.  They have fairly solid peace keeping instincts, which help them in situations of strife; they abhor conflict and do whatever is necessary to keep the situation from escalating…if only they could do it often enough to be productive.  They are laid back, enjoying spending time with their

friends or in social groups (which is the best place for them to utilize their democratic skills).


Often the most attractive people in the room are Libras; they are sensual, charming, and generally well liked, which in turn makes them popular (and probably why they enjoy being social butterflies).  They need their surroundings to reflect their own gorgeous exteriors, so you may find their homes decorated in a very alluring fashion, with rich textiles and tactile accents.


But the best thing with Libra is that you get the whole package; a good looking individual with a keen mind, who strives to keep the peace and balance a situation, who moves with poise and yet makes you feel comfortable and bewitched at the same time.  What could be better?



Libra Shadow


Libras can be extremely lazy and unmotivated, preferring to simply lie back on those silk cushions instead of getting off of them.  They run the risk of overindulging in extravagances, and squandering a lot of their natural talents.

Afflicted Libra can turn their charm into the extreme of capricious flirtation.


Libra Physical Traits


Libras are known for balanced and beautiful interiors and exteriors.  They tend to be attractive individuals, with equally proportioned bodies.  Body parts ruled by Libra are the skin and buttocks.


Libra Love Style


Libra men and women seek a well rounded, balanced partner who will always allow for an equal give-and-take relationship both in and out of the bedroom.  They like the ambience to be sensual, with nothing unpleasant.  To turn on a Libra, try a massage that focuses on one of their best assets; their backside.









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