May 21-June 20



Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: The Twins


Keywords: Duality, Wit, Curiosity, Cleverness,

Friendly, Superficial, Unreliable, Nosy, Flighty






Gemini Personality


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac.  The sign of duality and communication, these people have been referred to as the ‘social butterflies’ of the zodiac.  A Gemini is like everything and then some, because of their ability to be so changeable and adaptable to any and all situations. Their quick-fire mind allows them to switch gears rapidly, and they can leave some unfortunates in the dust, wondering what just happened. They are fast talkers,







always on the go, looking for new ideas or people to meet or places to see. At times seeming eternally youthful, Gemini has a lot of vitality, which can energize everything around them.


Do you have a friend who is reading 10 different books on 10 different subjects, all the while starting a blog (and neglecting her other ones), talking about which party to go to, simultaneously texting a bunch of people and Instagramming her lunch she just had at a new eatery, while contemplating booking a trip for some type of retreat…all at the same time? You guessed it…that would be a Gemini.

Gemini Physical Traits


Gemini rules the body parts of the chests, lungs, hands, and nervous system. Since Gemini is known to run on nervous energy, they can be on the thin side, with airy movements, bright eyes.  They typically are very upright in bearing, and can be taller than most.



Gemini Love Style


A Gemini man or woman loves the bantering back and forth prior to entering the bedroom, and once in it, likes to expand on that with some more with dirty talk.  The way into their pants is through their head; respond to their self perceived wit or charm, and then you will probably get the green light…as long as you can keep up with them. But lookout if you try the same thing twice; Gemini will catch on and find someone (or something) else fresh and new to keep them interested.  Boredom, both in and out of the bedroom, will keep you out of the bedroom, permanently, with Gemini.





Gemini Shadow


Gemini may be called fickle because one week they throw themselves wholeheartedly into one focus, and the following week they get ‘bored’ or lose interest  and go start something else.  They can lack the stay-through power that other signs have because their energy gets scattered. Gemini can be seen as gossips, because they do get around and like to meet and talk to people, and sometimes lack needed discretion in order to make more discriminating choices.


"I'm a Gemini, so I change

my mind everyday,"

-Natalie Portman

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