June 21-July 22




Ruler: Moon

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: The Crab


Keywords: Home, Emotional, Protective, Faithful, Clingy, Moody, Sentimental






Cancer Personality


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac.  The ‘romantic, nurturing, motherly type’ are typical descriptions of this astrological sign, and this is true, but there is so much more to a Cancer than just that.  A Cancer is unique in that their exteriors may be obstinate and hard, perhaps even formidable, but underneath is nothing but squishy-squeezy jelly that protects and hides their extremely caring nature, as well

as their impressive intuitive response system.  Cancers are excellent at reading people and sizing up situations, which helps them excel in business scenarios, among other things. Their memory is far reaching, with the ability to recall things from the past that most haven’t retained, and when you can get them to open up to you, their sense of humor is terrific.   Again, a lot of this is hidden behind a surface that may appear thick skinned to some, or difficult to pin down to another.  As long as you get invited into a Cancer’s home or to one of their parties, you know you have been given a chance to get to know them.


Cancer Physical Traits


Cancer rules the breasts, chest, and stomach.  Cancer woman often have larger, rounder breasts


Cancer Love Style


A Cancer man or woman needs to know you before they can love you. It is imperative to Connect with them on the emotional level first. Love and romance mean the same thing to a Cancer, and in their world you cannot have one without the other. Traditional romantic settings and accouterments go a long way; do not underestimate the power of a romantic walk, a candlelit dinner, a meaningful gesture. A Cancer typically doesn’t like to ‘hit it and quit it’; sex is a deep and meaningful experience for them.  It can be argued that a Cancer man’s favorite part of a woman is her breasts.


And their erogenous zone? The breasts and chest, of course!







Cancer Shadow


Passive aggressive tendencies are common with Cancers.  Darting out, slinging a quick remark, and then retreating back just as quickly can be seen instead of instead of direct blows .  Also, they may be paralyzingly shy, preferring to stay home to the point of being reclusive, and never taking a chance on people and opening up to others. While they are excellent at recalling past events, they can get stuck in the past and become unable to move on, to their detriment.

"And why is it, thought Lara, that my fate is to see everything and take it to heart?"

-Boris Pasternak

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