Aspects: Part 2

Aspects like the square or trine are often focused on in a chart, and for good reason; they are major aspects whose impact is seen and felt more readily than a minor aspect.  However, minor aspects, while often overlooked, can still show connections betweens the planets, which is important. When two or more planets or points connect in accord or discord,  this can help provide greater understanding into the relationship between the celestial bodies.  Thus, a deeper level of perception can be found when including minor aspects.




Semisextile (30   )


The semisextile is of course, half of a sextile. It can represent energies, talents, or opportunities that possibly go unlooked or unnoticed.  This is one of the more positive minor aspects.  However, it is not as strong as a sextile, and as such, can be susceptible to stronger outside influences.


Semisquare (45   )


The semisquare is related to the major square aspect in that it can be a difficult or challenging one.  It can represent blocked energy, dissatisfaction, but can give enormous perseverance and great satisfaction if channeled properly into something conducive of its efforts.


Quintile (72   )


The quintile is a positive minor aspect in that it can show talents, energies, creative tendancies that become a part of our unique signature, or how we are known to the world around us.


Inconjunct/Quincunx (150   )


This aspect is a blend of a trine and a square, so although there are good parts to it, it can be a little tricky. There are opportunities existing, but walls must be broken down in order to let the light through. There are conflicts, friction.  Discontent. But it can be the great facilitator of change in your life or circumstance.


Sesquiquadrate (135   )


A sesquiquadrate is a combination of the square and semisquare aspects.  It is a challenging one to harness, but one that if tackled to the best of a person's ability, can lead to to tremendous strides and barriers broken in the areas in the chart/planets involved.


Biquintile (144   )


Similar to the quintile, the biquintile also deals with creativity and the need for creation/making/doing.  It can be a powerful personal signature.


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