March 21-April 19




Ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: The Ram


Keywords: Action, Leader, Dynamic, Forceful, Aggressive, Pioneer, Impatient, Athletic, Risky, Egotistical, Raw Masculinity






Aries Personality


Aries is the very first of the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Being the first inclines them to be natural born leaders in both the broad  and narrow sense. You may be able to identify one of your friends as an Aries because of their take-charge, let’s-do-this attitude.  Never content to sit and wait for others to act, Aries can be trusted to take the initiative. They are the pioneers. They thoroughly enjoy beginning projects, as there is nothing more satisfying than being first.







Aries Physical Traits


In terms of body parts, Aries is associated with the head, face, brain, and eyes.  It is said that since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they tend to hold their heads slightly forward from their body, making it more pronounced.  Aries tend to be fairly well coordinated and athletic, although perhaps a bit prone to accidents in their haste to be first, but not accident prone. Some Aries may show their fiery characteristics by the color red; liking it immensely, wearing it, putting it all around their home, or even having the natural disposition to get red in the face a lot.



Aries Love Style


Both an Aries man or woman are independent people, who do not like clingy, needy types.  They are usually self confident individuals, and would like you to be the same (although not so much that you overshadow them; they are the leaders, right?). Make sure you allow them some freedom, and keep it exciting by trying new experiences together.


Sexually they are the dominant ones, taking charge in the bedroom.

Looking to turn on an Aries? Try rubbing their heads, touching their hair, kissing their ears, stroking their face…you get the picture.





Aries Shadow


Afflicted Aries can be very selfish with their wants, needs, and actions.  They may bulldoze with their agenda and turn a democratic situation into a tyrannical one.  They may disregard your feelings completely and focus purely on themselves, which can hurt more sensitive types.

Stop complaining.


Do something.

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