January 19-February 18



Rulers: Saturn & Uranus

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: The Water Bearer


Keywords: Humanitarian, Original, Inventive, Quirky, Logical, Inactive, Aloof, Rebellious





Aquarius Personality


Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac.  Natural born rebels, Aquarians march to their own beat, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  They are some of the most original and unique thinkers of the zodiac, with absolutely brilliant minds that are able to progressively mull over ideas and concepts in an objective manner. They are most often classified as visionaries, geniuses, or even discoverers of things that most


would never be able to realize in the first place. Even though they are capable of concocting these grand  ideas, Aquarius tend  to get weighed down with details.


Aquarians may be the social networkers of the zodiac, but their relationships with most operate only the surface.  They do not have the ability or even the need to connect as deeply as other signs. While this may be problematic at times for personal relationships, this is why they make excellent humanitarians, because they can connect with the masses on a large scale.  They may at times be erratic, but there is usually a method to their madness. Fiercely independent, these people understand that everyone has a different belief system, and they do not waste their energy forcing theirs on you, and fully expect you to act the same.  Thinkers through and through, they are wonderful people to come to for help. Owing to their dynamic mental prowess, they can come up with the one solution you did not, which often turns out to be the best and most ingenious one. All in all, if you are looking for a friendly individual who can be inventive and clever, open to new ways of thinking, all the while keeping their emotions in check, Aquarius may hit the right spot.


Aquarius Physical Traits


Aquarius rules the circulatory system and the ankles.  Often an Aquarius likes to rebel against society’s norm and dress or accessorize in a manner that screams out their individuality.  Traditionally Aquarius rules the body parts of the circulatory system and ankles.


Aquarius Love Style


An Aquarius man or woman takes their independence and inventive nature with them into the bedroom.  Expect the unexpected with them, but whatever you do, do not expect the traditional or mundane.  Commitment with an Aquarius may be long in coming, as they don’t like to give up their freedom, and they do not let many people into their circle of trust.  If you are trying to turn on an Aquarius, don’t be clingy, allow them their freedom, especially their freedom of self expression.










Aquarius Shadow


Aquarius can let their cool, detached nature get out of hand with interpersonal relationships, and become too distant, which in turn can inadvertently hurt the people they are with who desire a more heartfelt response or connection.

The eyes are useless

when the mind is blind.

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